About The Digital Circuit

At The Digital Circuit, our main objective…is objectivity.

With a universe of consumer electronics products that seems to be growing exponentially, it can be difficult to find trusted sources – and answers to important questions:

Take drones, for example: Which obstacle-avoidance system is the most effective?  How do specs play out in the real world? Which drones provide the best value for $1,000, $2,000, $3,000 (or anywhere in between)?  Is something that looks good on the outside…built well on the inside?

For the consumer, finding unbiased answers to these types of questions can be pretty difficult. Same goes for camera buyers, people searching for 4k televisions, smartphones, headphones – and more. Fact is, most consumers are neither engineers nor seasoned testers.

At The Digital Circuit, we have access to all of the above – and more.  With a proven regimen of tests, we push our team to find clear answers to all the key questions. At the end of it, we produce a TDC Score that gives you a credible, at-a-glance indication of any given product’s value. In addition, we provide an exhaustive write-up of how the product performed in each test, and how we arrived at our final TDC Score.

Yes, there’s some subjective input. But the majority of our data comes from a stringent evaluation that leaves virtually no room for bias.


Part of the reason, to be honest, is selfish. Most of us at TDC live and breathe drones and other consumer electronics products. We fly, we shoot, we watch, we buy. The information we seek is the information we ourselves want to know in order to make the most informed decisions possible.

But the greater reason is because we also know there’s a demand for this kind of clarity; the kind of demand that has kept Consumer Reports in business for decades.

The men and women behind The Digital Circuit believe strongly in the integrity of this project. We have high-level backgrounds in journalism, aviation, photography, and engineering. We love technology. And, above all, we care about this stuff.

Consumer electronic products have become deeply integrated into the lives of most people. As the Internet of Things grows, so too will the proliferation of smart gadgets that learn and tailor themselves to your specific tastes and needs.

It’s happening already – and it’s here to stay.

And so are we.