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DJI's new Ronin 2

DJI announced THREE major new products Sunday – with the Ronin 2 three-axis stabilizer the highlight – at a jammed, invite-only VIP event in Las Vegas Sunday.

It was standing room only as DJI revealed the upgraded, updated stabilizer – designed to give professional filmmakers buttery-smooth cinematic shots in virtually any situation.

The technology company also announced a new sophisticated and customizable controller called the Cendence, capable of broadcast-quality live streaming, along with the DJI TrackTenna, which features a two-axis gimbal to track the drone in flight and ensure maximum connectivity.

DJI Tracktenna 4
The DJI TrackTenna will track a drone in flight via two-axis gimbal, to improve range and connectivity.


Though based on the same concept that marked the original Ronin, the Ronin 2 has significant advances. They include:

  • Increased power and torque, to carry payloads up to 30 lbs, including hanging the device off vehicles traveling at 75 miles per hour (120 kilometers per hour)
  • Hot-swappable batteries for faster setup times
  • Integrated power and internal cabling, as well as precision adjustment knobs.

Ronin 2 dramatically improves every aspect of the camera operating experience and is the best stabilizer we have ever made,” said Paul Pan, DJI Senior Product Manager.

“Completely redesigned to meet the needs of today’s camera professionals, Ronin 2 makes it easier than ever to capture stunning cinematic footage under the widest variety of situations.”

Steadicam 3



The new device, says DJI, “expands creative horizons with the most versatile camera stabilization available, whether handheld or mounted on a vehicle, cable system, Steadicam or drone.”
The Ronin 2 has significantly more powerful gimbal motors, meaning it can hold heavier cameras with heavier lenses. Those same motors also reduce the balance calibration time required between swapping out lenses, reducing downtime on professional sets.

In fact, TDC was lucky enough to grab Paul after his presentation. Here’s what he told us about the new unit.


The new Ronin 2 also features a built-in GPS system, which maintains the camera’s position and horizon. At the NABSHOW, DJI’s booth features a Can-Am Maverick off-road vehicle, with a heavy brace adapted to hold the Ronin 2. It is actually a road-proven model, which has put the new Ronin 2 through its paces at high speeds on demanding off-road conditions.

There’s also an enlarged camera cage and extension arms. These refinements will support longer and heavier lenses. The pan motor torque has also been given a steroid injection, allowing the Ronin 2 to “maintain control even during high-speed action scenes,” says a DJI release.


While the original Ronin was a breakthrough, the newer Ronin 2 has been redesigned in order to make it compatible with a wide range of popular camera mounts. Basically, everything from hand-held and Ready Rig body mounts through to Steadicams, cranes and even vehicle mounts (hence the Can-Am at the DJI booth).

“In a complicated tracking shot, Ronin 2 can be moved seamlessly from one mount to the next – giving filmmakers new freedom to explore every perspective with stability and control,” says the DJI release.



Of course, because DJI has such formidable engineering, it’s not surprising that the Ronin 2 features updated algorithms to keep the device in sync with the movements of the operator. DJI calls it the “SmoothTrack” system – and it allows users to micro-tweak how the unit responds to movement along all three axes.


The carbon fiber ring-style frame has been completely redesigned to make it easier to carry. And for those moments when the operator needs a break, new built-in feet allow the Ronin 2 to be set down during hand-held filming without requiring a separate stand.

Internally-routed SDI and data cabling reduces the risk of any cable damage, while also improving the Ronin 2’s overall balance.

And yes, there’s even more:

  • Dual batteries provide 2.5 hours runtime on a single charge for both the gimbal and a RED Dragon camera
  • Ronin 2 uses same battery technology as used in the Inspire 2, meaning they charge more quickly and perform better in cold temperatures (down to -4° F)
  • An integrated screen allows users to directly configure the gimbal without using the mobile app
  • “Auto-Tune” function optimizes motors in seconds

There’s even a TimeLapse mode, and users can save favorite gimbal settings for near instant setup for future shoots.


Ronin 2 will be available in Q2 of this year from, DJI Flagship Stores, DJI Authorized Retail Stores, and DJI Resellers worldwide.

Pricing has not yet been announced.

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