Part of Disney's patent application to use drones for entertaining guests

If you’ve been to Disney World, you’re aware they cap the day with a nightly fireworks display. It gives a magical look to the Magical Kingdom. Before long, however, the night-time spectacle may well include orchestrated drones. In fact, the company has filed a patent for precisely this purpose.

TDC was alerted to the development by Deepak Gupta of PatentYogi. Deepak dropped us a note explaining that he is very much on top of what Disney is up to in the world of patents:

Disney is planning to use drones in various ways to entertain guests at Disneyland. At PatentYogi, we have tracked patents from Disney for the past 4 years and identified many patents on drone technology developed by Disney,” he wrote.

In fact, he did more than just write us a note. He sent a link to a very cool video. Even if you are busy, please don’t bail on this. Deepak throws in some super-cool augmented reality stuff, where he creates a virtual representation on a table of what Disney is planning. It is very cool, and we tip our techno-hat in Deepak’s direction.

Here’s the video:

Really – have you seen someone do that on a video before? Deepak – that’s awesome!

For those of you who’d like to delve deeper, here’s Disney’s abstract, along with a few drawings. It appears as though a cylindrical lantern would serve as a projection surface, which could open the door to visual imagery not previously seen with drone displays.

aerial display

The drones might carry a cylindrical screen for the purposes of a projection surface

When we get our hands on information (in this case, thanks to PatentYogi), we believe in sharing. So we have downloaded the entire patent, which is a public document.

If you’d like to have a complete read, you can grab a copy right here.

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