Twin 1080p screens DJI goggles
Twin 1080p screens make the DJI goggles pretty amazing. Just make sure that an observer is wearing them, or that someone else is flying, or that you have a permit. But man, they're awesome. Photo by Scott Simmie.

DJI Goggles Coming soon?

Yes, we can tell you this. They are coming.

Of course, a there is a *lot* of anticipation around these things. In fact, we received an email the other day from a regular reader. In it, he asked if there was any word on release date or price.

“One of the reasons I’m getting into flying drones is so that I can start experiencing FPV flight,” he wrote. “I was wondering whether to wait on purchasing the Mavic Pro until the goggles come out, but I went ahead and pulled the trigger today anyway.”

Good choice. You’ll be happy with the Mavic Pro with or without the goggles.  In fact, it was at the release of the Mavic Pro that TDC was able to put our hands on the prototypes. And, no kidding here, they were awesome. Crystal-clear, 1080p.

“DJI Goggles is an amazing flight experience,”

– said DJI’s Director of Strategic Partnerships, Michael Perry, at the time.

It’s not the world’s greatest quality video – but here’s a peek:

We did have a chance to try out the goggles soon after that speech. At the time, DJI had goggles available on the floor, which were live-streaming from the Mavic Pro.

We were impressed. The goggles featured an 85-degree field of view in full 1080p, with minimal lag. The quality truly was breathtaking, especially when you’ve had a peek (as we have) through a few systems used in FPV racing.

*Unlike* most FPV systems, however, the DJI system is fully digital. That makes for a clearer and more high-resolution display than most, but also introduces a slight lag factor. We didn’t really notice any lag, but we weren’t controlling the Mavic Pro.


Shipping date? Well, there’s a lot of speculation out there. But we can tell you this:

When DJI announced the new industrial Matrice series at the end of February, the company said the new units would be compatible with DJI Goggles. DJI also said the Matrice models would start shipping in Q2. That could be anytime between April and June. We are optimistically hoping for a late April/early May launch.

In fact, the AUVSI XPONENTIAL conference is scheduled for May 8-11, and might provide a high-value launch platform for DJI, just as did the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona for the new Matrice series. Reporters are there, along with all key industry players. It’s potentially a great venue to showcase a new product without paying for a massive splashy exclusive launch.


Well, we just heard from Adam Lisberg, DJI’s communications lead for North America. On shipping and price? Both still to be determined, he says. And our speculation on AUVSI?

“We won’t break any news at AUVSI,” he said. Which is why we speculate so rarely.

Whenever they do finally come, we can’t wait. Because one thing we noted was that the goggles appeared to have two separate screens. If our observation at the time was correct (and assuming the design has not changed), we have to anticipate that the goggles may be future-proofed for stereoscopic, 3D viewing.

That would require twin cameras, which is not currently a feature of DJI drones. But who knows – they could well be in the pipeline.

Want those goggles? So do we!

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