Flying EYE - A VR streaming drone that uses DJI's Matrice 600 Pro
Flying EYE - A VR streaming drone that uses DJI's Matrice 600 Pro

A new video has caught our attention: It’s for a product called the Flying EYE, a 6k broadcast-quality, live-streaming 360°-VR drone.

We’ve had our stereoscopic eyes on the world of 3D and VR here at TDC, and have been particularly interested in efforts to capture and stream 360 (and 360 stereoscopic/3D) video from an aerial platform.

This machine, from the California-based 360 Designs, utilizes a pretty cool camera called the Mini-EYE 3, which provides 450° of horizontal coverage and is based on the Blackmagic micro-camera head. (They also produce a Mini-EYE 4, which provides 600° of coverage.) Of course, 360° is what you need in the end. But by having all that extra overlap, 360 Designs explains you wind up with cleaner stitching.

The "Mini-#ye-3" 360-camera used on the Flying EYE drone
The “Mini-Eye-3” 360-camera used on the Flying EYE drone


“The opportunities for streaming live events in VR with a drone are many, and we think this could be a game changer for entertainment, sports, and events,” says their website.

And what does it look like in action? Check out this video:

The 360 Designs site features an excellent FAQ page for those of us into the 360 scene. If you want to see actual 360 footage and download it, check this out:

“We have a company dropbox where we provide our latest demo reel along with screenshots, unstitched footage, and notes about which camera shot which part.

“We also recommend Disney/ABC’s Dancing with the Stars 360 footage to see what can be achieved using Mini EYE 4, along with the Micro Cinema Cameras, and with great production.

“For a sample of live 360 footage, check out Barry Gibb In the Now 360, which used a Mini EYE 3 with Micro Studio Cameras for the main camera.”

But what also grabbed our attention was the aerial rig. It looked pretty familiar to us. We looked a little closer, and – sure enough – we were correct. The Flying EYE relies on the tried and true DJI Matrice 600 Pro.

This is that makes the new Flying EYE soar: DJI's Matrice 600 Pro
This is that makes the new Flying EYE soar: DJI’s Matrice 600 Pro

In fact, the company proudly states it on its highlights page:

“Flying EYE™ is a complete, live streaming, professional grade, wireless VR drone system:

  • World’s leading live VR camera (Mini EYE™ 3 and other 3 camera VR rigs)
  • Introducing Breeze™ – Our ultra high quality, broadcast grade, low-latency 6K wireless video system
  • Flying EYE™ 360 camera stabilization system
  • Tried-and-tested drone platform (Matrice 600 Pro by DJI)
  • Ground station – provides stitched 4K SDI, 6K NDI, and 6K H.265 (HEVC) outputs”

The company plans to demonstrate its product at the upcoming NAB conference.

The price? About $75,000 US.

From the company’s perspective, it’s the best system available. It will start shipping after May 1.


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