DJI has released a new, extended video that provides a better look at the capabilities of the new industrial Matrice line, announced in February in Barcelona.

We reported back in February on the full launch at the World Mobile Congress, then took another more analytical look at the significance of the product line here. Basic recap of the different models in the series?

The standard Matrice M200 comes with one downward-facing gimbal mount. The Matrice M210 has the option of more than one configuration. It can handle either one or two downward facing payloads (with single or parallel gimbal mounts), or a one upward-facing gimbal mount. This model features “additional connectivity ports to support third party sensors and accessories.”

M210 RTK - Off to work Bridge

The M210 RTK is available with D-RTK modules for centimeter-precision navigation

Collectively, they’re intended for such use-case scenarios as:

  • Construction Site Mapping – The rugged build and weather-resistance of the M200 series mean surveying, mapping, and workflow monitoring can take place regardless of most weather conditions. 
  • Energy Facility Inspections – DJI says the machines are perfectly suited for monitoring power line networks and vertical infrastructures such as wind turbines and offshore oil rigs.

Energy Facility Inspections

  • Critical Infrastructure Inspections – Using drones, says DJI, can help keep those who inspect power lines, bridges, etc. out of harm’s way. The M200, says the company, “can identify millimeter-sized faults in buildings, roads, and bridges in real time, making those operations more safe, efficient and effective.”
  • Public Safety – DJI says the M200 series will be of tremendous use in Search & Rescue operations, and during such potentially dangerous situations as fires and natural disasters. First responders can use the data collected, whether visual or thermal, to rapidly map or assess situations without putting others at unnecessary risk. Again, the weather-resistant form factor means the new Matrices can keep flying even in conditions that would keep other unmanned aerial vehicles on the ground.
Rappelling Down SAR - Matrice Series
DJI says the new Matrice, equipped with FLIR and intelligent flight modes, would be ideal for Search and Rescue operations


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