DJI reveals new product on April 23 2017
What will it be?

An email landed in our inbox yesterday that – to put it mildly – has piqued our curiosity.

It was from DJI. And it was an invitation.

“Discover the future of imaging technology,” it said at the top of the email. We’ve pixellated the RSVP email address, but you’re seeing exactly what we received.

Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a teaser like this for an important DJI announcement. Remember the launch of the Osmo Mobile? The company unveiled that product in Berlin back in September. And it did so, we thought retrospectively, with an exceedingly clever campaign. Have a good look at the image below: It’s an abstract version of the Osmo Mobile itself, with a representation of a smartphone mounted on the Osmo handle. (Easy to say now – but we certainly didn’t guess that one in advance.)

Imagery in the Osmo Mobile teaser offered a slight clue...
Imagery in the Osmo Mobile teaser offered a slight clue…

Unfortunately, there aren’t any clues (even vague ones) we can discern from this latest DJI invite (unless the company is releasing either a pyramid or a runway).

Of course, there are several unreleased but allegedly imminent products that are currently burning up the internet. Might this announcement be related to any of the following?


The 1080p goggles, first publicly displayed in New York during the Mavic Pro launch, are expected to ship at some point during Q2. We base that on the fact they were mentioned as being compatible with the new DJI Matrice M200-series of industrial drones, which were accompanied by an official Q2 timeline for shipping.

But would goggles fit the “Create Your Legacy” tagline? Possibly – but doubtful.

The DJI goggles at the Mavic Pro launch
The DJI goggles at the Mavic Pro launch, September 2016. Photo by Scott Simmie



In recent days, countless pixels have been devoted to speculation that DJI is about to release a new drone, smaller than the Mavic Pro but with some similarities. We have received zero information about this product and do not know whether the pictures floating around are of the real deal or not. So we’re not touching that one until there’s something at least semi-official out there, or we receive a comment back from communications people.


The new DJI M-200 series of industrial drones was unveiled at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, the world’s largest event for the mobile phone industry. There has been a smaller preview/unveil of the product since then in the US, but no big launch. Could this be a Matrice event?

We considered that possibility. But the reality is that industrial drones are not a mainstream product. They will be expensive (though likely not as expensive as some of the industrial machines out there), and not a mass-market prosumer item. Plus, DJI already had a big splash in Spain. For that reason, we cross the Matrice off our list.


There is now, as has been revealed earlier, a partnership between DJI and the iconic camera manufacturer Hasselblad. It’s also public knowledge that DJI is now grinding its own glass for some of its aerial cameras. Could DJI be about to release a new camera for an existing drone? A new OSMO compatible with the new X5S and X4S cameras made for the Inspire 2? Some other sort of aerial imaging device?

At the moment, we simply can’t say. And, unfortunately, the image that came with the invite gives us pretty much *zero* to go on.

But it sure makes us wonder.

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