Be In with the DJI Circle via exclusive invite
Be In with the DJI Circle via exclusive invite

DJI has launched an invite-only customer care program for select clients in the US and China. It’s called “DJI Circle” – and it’s meant to provide a comprehensive sphere of care covering everything from access to VIP Lounges at international airports through to extensive coverage for repair and backup if your DJI product requires servicing.

“DJI Circle is a premium customer support program that ensures you have a pleasant flight experience whenever you need it,” reads the website. “From time spent at the airport before take-off to ad-hoc battery rentals and aircraft repair needs, DJI Circle offers you a world-class service like no other.”

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Indeed, no other service quite like this has existed – until now. Among the benefits of the program:

  • VIP Concierge provides members with a “dedicated personal concierge” who can help resolve problems by phone
  • Priority for new products: Members will have the opportunity to purchase and try DJI products before the general public
  • Industry Network Events, where members will be able to meet senior DJI people in order to expand professional networks
  • Exclusive Event Access, admitting members to launch events and other high-profile gatherings where you simply cannot purchase a ticket

Because it’s DJI, this is aimed at professional drone operators. And here there are many benefits for members.

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Those benefits include getting replacement aircraft – a feature called “Device Backup” – should their DJI product require servicing. There’s also broad service coverage available to DJI Circle members, meaning they can have up to five products covered for annual service totalling $15,000 each year they are a member.

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For the pro on the go, membership also brings access to more than 500 VIP lounges at airports around the world. There’s also comprehensive coverage for damages to gear incurred during air travel, as well as a Global SOS plan providing members with access to emergency medical rescue, evacuation, family visits and more.


Add it all up and that’s quite an offering for select DJI users in China and the United States.

And we say “select” because DJI Circle will be a bit an exclusive club. You’ll need to express your interest in joining – and, if you’re lucky, that might result in an invitation.

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If you’re interested, you can drop an email to The program is being launched June 14, 2017.


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