Inspire 2 Spotlight Pro

The new Inspire 2 drone from DJI is, as many of you know by now, a powerful machine. It features new motors allow it to travel up to 58 mph and fly vertically up to nearly 20 ft/s, a new battery system that will keep the drone in the air for up to 27 minutes (with the X4S), a new camera that can shoot up to 5.2K raw with bitrates up to 4.2 Gbps, a new obstacle avoidance system on the front, top, and bottom, and a forward-facing camera that allows the pilot to always see what’s in front of him/her. In addition to hardware upgrades, there are also new intelligent features.

Let’s examine one new feature in particular: Spotlight Pro.

Inspire 2 Spotlight Pro

Spotlight Pro is similar to the ActiveTrack of other models, but far more powerful.

Quick mode allows you to track subjects that are chosen in the frame by dragging your finger over them. After that, the gimbal will keep the camera locked on the subject no matter where the drone flies. Like ActiveTrack, the Inspire 2 uses visual and control tracking to keep locked on to an object.

For visual tracking, the software uses deep learning and a proprietary algorithm to continually make calculations about what the subject should look like at different angles and distances. The control tracking algorithm also constantly calculates where the subject is headed including the angle and distance, so that even when the subject is lost it will quickly find them again. Unlike ActiveTrack, Spotlight Pro will keep the subject in frame.

In Composition mode, users can set a box that will be tracked and then when the subject passes through that box, tracking can be manually engaged with the C2 button. For example, let’s say you wanted to start with an empty city street but then follow a cyclist as they cross through the frame. You could set a box with your finger over the area you want to keep them in. Then, when they cross through the box, hitting C2 will start the tracking process.

Spotlight Pro mode makes getting great shots easy, regardless of whether you have one or two operators. While there’s still no replacement for great manual operators for complex shots, Spotlight Pro can prove a welcome tool.

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