Inspire 2 vs. Inspire Pro – Drone Drag Race!!! See Who Will Win


It was cold.

It was windy.

There was snow on the ground.

But we didn’t care. The Digital Circuit had a job to do, and we weren’t going to let a few hitches get in the way of the world’s first drag race between the brand new DJI Inspire 2 and its iconic Inspire Pro.

We enlisted two of TDC’s professional testers for the job: Pawel Dwulit, one-third of the trio behind DJI’s breathtaking The Last Colonizer – a spectacular short film shot in remote Patagonia. And Antonio de la Cruz, an experienced pilot and drone retailer who has logged more hours behind his Inspire Pro than I have behind this keyboard. (Well, probably not that many. But he’s an awesome pilot who holds a blanket Special Flight Operations Certificate – the gold standard at the moment under Canadian regulations).

We put Antonio at the helm of the Inspire 2, with a rated top speed of 108 km/hr with heaters integrated into the batteries (likely an advantage in this weather!). He already had some stick time with the machine, and Pawel is also a seasoned Inspire Pro pilot.

They started their engines. And then hit full thrust.

Wait ’till you see what happened.

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