Kate’s #UAV Safety Video – The Digital Circuit


You’re about to meet one of the best-known #UAV trainers in Canada.

Kate Kienapple is an instructor with the Canadian firm Aerobotika, known for its unmanned aerial vehicle consulting, training, and services.

Kate is a commercial pilot – and her students rave about the clarity with which she instructs courses on UAV regulations. The Digital Circuit reached out to Kate and Aerobotika and asked if they might be willing to pull together a common-sense safety video.

We are so grateful Kate said “yes.” We’re also sure you’ll agree.

We’re hopeful this might be the first of many videos featuring Kate – and that, as TDC grows, we might even start a UAV school featuring Kate. If that appeals to you, please leave a positive comment and subscribe to our channel for updates!

In the meantime, check out all the amazing services provided by Kate and her team @ aerobotika.com/learn-more

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more professional UAV organization. Aerobotika will even endeavor to train on-site if a company enrolls multiple students.

Safe flying, everyone!

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