Rick Smith’s Epic #Mavic Pro Teardown! You Will Be Surprised


The Digital Circuit got introduced to Rick Smith today.

Smith is from New Jersey, and he loves to fly. He’s also an engineer. Combine those two passions, and you’ve got a guy who does awesome, knowledgeable “teardown” videos. They’re so good, in fact, we phoned him up!

Smith started flying in January, and his son suggested he start tearing down drones and putting his results online.

“He said: ‘You’ve got a lot of info that people would really appreciate,’ so that’s how it started,” he says.

“The engineer in me can’t help but look inside. I thought if my experiences can help others enjoy it and fly safely, the channel would be a good way to do that.”

And, as Smith quickly discovered (and explains) not all drones are created equally.

“The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that some new generation drone (companies) are just about getting the product out the door. They’ll take a lot off-the-shelf components and they’ll put them inside a beautiful case and then sell that.”

It might look great on the shelf. But under the hood? Not so much.

“Once you open it up, you realize it’s a mess inside and they really haven’t thought it through,” he says.

Smith doesn’t endorse products, but he says he could not help but be impressed with what he saw inside DJI’s Mavic Pro:

“What really blew me away about that first-generation Mavic Pro is that everything inside was designed by DJI. To me, this was a real epiphany – it was probably a couple of years in the making. It’s a very integrated product.”

And, as he notes in his video, it’s the small things that count.

“The last thing I’ll add – and this is the mark of an excellent company – they took the extra steps of making it extremely durable, like gluing down the wires. No one would know that unless you tore the box open.”

Thanks, Rick – we look forward to your next teardown!


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