Syria ISIS Attack Recorder By Russian Drone

Footage gathered by a Russian drone a week ago reveals extensive damage to an amphitheater built during Roman times in what is now Syria. The partial destruction was carried out by ISIS, which has destroyed numerous other priceless and irreplaceable antiquities.

The news was carried in a report in the Washington post, which was accompanied by a Reuters video. The video shows before and after views, which clearly show extensive damage.

At about the 0:17 mark, the video switches to another view. There, you can see before and after images of a landmark called the Tetrapylon, a structure that previously consisted of four monuments, each with four columns, marking the road leading to the theater.

There had been earlier reports on social media that this destruction had taken place, but the satellite images available at the time were of fairly low resolution, making it difficult to tell the extent of the damage.

Of course (and unfortunately), this is not the first instance of ISIS destroying historical objects or buildings in its efforts to build what it refers to as a caliphate or pure Islamic state. It believes preserving such antiquities is the equivalent of idolatry.

Back in 2015, ISIS destroyed another landmark temple in Palmyra during a previous occupation of the historic area, as outlined in this BBC item.

Video gathered by the drone also shows a considerable movement of trucks around the remains of the amphitheater, which Russia suggests could mean that explosives are being brought in for the purpose of further demolition.

Previous ISIS demolitions of this nature have brought global condemnation from historians, who point to these as losses for all of the humanity – and for all time.


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