Well, there’s always a ton to see at the AUVSI Xponential show, and the 2017 edition is no different. Here then, a few of the many things that have caught our attention so far.

We’ll start with this model from Japan’s ProDrone, which we simultaneously admire and fear. Those articulating arms have claw-like hands that can pick things up.

This drone can pick things up with its claw-like arms.
This drone can pick things up with its claw-like arms.

In fact, we earlier Tweeted a little video of this in all its glorious/creepy action:

Here’s what it’s called and a few more details, in case you’d like to order one:

Because it reminded us a bit of a movie about alien invaders, now seems like a good time to include a pic of a NASA prototype for a drone that could fly on Mars. Very lightweight, and with massive, steep-pitch propellors:

Made for Mars!
Made for Mars!

If you’d like to stand out in the crowd even more, check out this helium-filled blimp-like structure called the Dronicar. You can project images onto its surface, which is pretty cool. We suspect this would be great indoors at a concert or convention; not so great outdoors on a gusty day.

Of course, there are always even loftier things on display, at least in terms of technology. This company was displaying its elaborate carbon-fibre lattice structures, which have an incredible strength-to-weight ratio:

DJI had its new Goggles in display, which we caught during a rare moment when someone wasn’t wearing them:

And, as expected, there were plenty of VTOL-type drones on display. One, from Korea, looks a bit like a mini V-22 Osprey:

If you’d like a little more power, Pratt & Whitney can help you out:

And if you’re satisfied with a little less, you can keep your eye on Kickstarter. This little Korean device – which is both a drone and detachable action camera (they connect magnetically), will be available via a crowd-funding campaign before long. And yes, it shoots 4K video.

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