David Klein, Rotorgeeks

On today’s edition of the TDC Podcast, we sit down for an extended discussion with David Klein, a highly respected builder and retailer of FPV drones. Based in Toronto, Klein was a very early adopter, building, and tweaking units long before this became an emerging trend. His Rotorgeeks retail outlet houses a huge inventory, with an impressive collection of everything from high-end Rotorgeeks-branded motors and ESCs right down the tiniest of parts. (His team has even designed its own flight board (which others promptly attempted to copy.)

While we’re waiting for our iTunes approval, we decided to try Klein’s podcast in a different format today – posting it to our YouTube channel.

Listen in as Klein discusses everything from why this hobby has grown in popularity, through to his blue-sky thoughts on advances in battery and video transmission technology. He also has some insightful opinions about the pros and cons of buying all-in-one racing kits from discount houses in China. On the one hand, they help bring people into the hobby at an affordable level, but there can be issues with quality control and parts sourcing.

Sit back and enjoy, this one runs about 27 minutes and change.

David’s a smart guy; you’ll like him and possibly learn something.

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