The new DJI video for the product announcement cleverly sneaks in "SIZE" for a microsecond before changing to "SEIZE"

Well, there is a *lot* of speculation online about what DJI will unveil May 24 in New York City.  Will it be the DJI Spark Release?

As we’ve previously reported, DJI sent out invitations to a special event for that date. The RSVP-only affair had an invite that looked like this:

#SeizeTheMoment with DJI. But what will that moment bring?

Not a whole lot there. But if you wanted to do a little high-level parsing, there’s a possible clue in the title: Seize the Moment.

We live in an age of selfies and instant social media shares: An era of countless moments seized. And we tend to seize those moments with devices that are smaller, more convenient, and easier to use than ever.

In our minds, that is one possible clue this could be a smaller drone more suitable to carrying around capturing “moments.”

A second clue is in the visuals, where DJI has often left obtuse but nonetheless real clues. Here, the flowing lines indicate something light, nimble. If, as online speculation hints, the product is called the “Spark” – you could argue the lines are reminiscent of spark trails.

That’s all pretty tangential guesswork. A more substantial lead can be followed simply by taking a close look at what DJI has released during the recent past and then looking for an area where it has not released a product.

Let’s briefly review the milestones:

Take a look at those categories: DJI has covered off prosumers, cinematographers, the industrial/enterprise market – and even those into the FPV and VR scene.

But there’s something missing here; something that has never been in the DJI wheelhouse: An inexpensive drone for the first-time buyer.


Now, you might argue the Mavic Pro is a first-time buyer’s drone, and in many ways it is. But not everyone has $999 US to spare to decide if a drone is their thing or not. But, as we’ve seen with products like the Hover Camera Passport and the Dobby Pocket drone, there’s a significant market for less expensive drones that are intelligent enough to capture selfies and – just as important – are portable enough that they can be carried around easily. Think of this category as “lifestyle drones.”

A frame from the new DJI promotion in advance of the May 24 event
A frame from the new DJI promotion in advance of the May 24 event

DJI doesn’t really have anything in that market. And if there’s one thing we know about DJI, the company doesn’t like to leave a segment of the market untapped.

Plus, a new video release today that can be viewed here clearly indicates the product is a new drone. It’s also small enough that a woman appears to be pulling it out of her purse, saying to her partner: “Honey, look what I’ve got.”

His response? “Wow – what is that?”

What’s more – there are an interesting few frames in that video if you’re watching closely. The word “SIZE” appears for a microsecond before changing to “SEIZE.” To us, that’s a very big hint.

Taking all that into consideration, plus the “Seize the Moment” tagline, we’re willing to bet DJI is about to release a sub-$500 drone. We’re betting it will have some intelligence, be very portable, and aimed at those who’ve always kind of wanted a drone, but have been held back by the purchase price.

Do we know for certain? No.

But we’ll find out May 24.

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