DJI-Datumate Site Survey Solutions

You wonder why DJI needs partners for enterprise sales? From hobby to commercial to enterprise, DJI has engineered a wide array of different cutting-edge aircraft, each serving a unique purpose. When companies want to take their services to the skies, it can be somewhat overwhelming. Not only do they need to pick the best aircraft for their application and train a team to utilize it, they also need to smoothly integrate the data into their process.

While businesses have the resources and personnel capable, drone technology is relatively new and innovation happens constantly. DJI partners are necessary to provide the insight, training, services and software necessary for incorporation. DJI is focusing on developing these aerial tools and creating partnerships around the globe to provide services tailored for a wide arrange of enterprise needs.


Israeli company Datumate is one example that specializes in providing automated surveying tools to “save costly field and office time, cut down operational expenses and achieve the most accurate results.” It has worked with DJI to form a partnership that’s resulted in a comprehensive package that simplifies the surveying and mapping processes while maintaining superior accuracy.

Utilizing DJI’s SDK, Datumate has created a number of apps that allow the end-user to conveniently and expeditiously create 2D and 3D maps using drones and more. Their software is compatible with the Phantom line, Inspire 1/Pro, and Matrice 600 aircrafts and they offer the Phantom 4 Pro in their enterprise bundles.

“We are excited to partner with DJI to automate and digitize the entire field-to-plan process. Our mutual solution brings site visualization and analytics quickly to the office, keeping field and office work effortless and safe,” said Datumate CEO Tal Meirzon.

“DJI-Datumate Site Survey Solutions are an important step forward in professional surveying, construction infrastructure mapping, and assets inspection.”

Datumate isn’t the only aerial mapping provider that has partnered with DJI. Other companies include:

DJI-Datumate Site Survey Solutions

It’s clear that DJI is on top of the technology, but as it produces more drones with innovative new features (like the new Matrice 200’s dual stabilized camera option), third-party partnerships like this will result in that technology reaching even customers and use-case scenarios.

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